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April 2024

Cal Ward

Collecting militaria, in particular obsolete firearms like this Lefaucheux pinfire revolver and Sharps carbine, is a fascinating hobby. We talk to a serious collector.

J.J Faux

“There was such an incessant clattering made with their wings on the water where they rose, and such a noise of those flying higher up that it was as if we were all the time surrounded by a whirlwind.”

The 47th Irish Kennel Club

Paul Cassidy

Championship for Any Variety (Springer) Spaniels took place on 28th & 29th December 2023 at Shanes Castle Estate, Co. Antrim by kind invitation of the Honourable Shane O’Neill.

Sea Fishing off the South East coast of Ireland

Barry Murphy

I decided to drift along the edge of some reed beds casting in towards and along the edge of any structure that could be seen. The wind had picked up but was ideal and was carrying me parallel to the reeds along the shoreline.

Pike Fishing

John Rooney

Theses days the Reservoir has become a very popular venue for all forms of water sports, this is where my keen interest in this venue comes from. Very large Pike have been taken from and recorded down through the years and we have been fortunate enough to sample just what this water has to offer. From a young man in the late nineteen seventies, I was mesmerised by this vast expanse of water that gave me many grey hairs.